Adult Social Care

One of the things we have been involved in this year (2022) is work to understand the needs and perceptions of adults in care homes, independent living arrangements and people who use day centres. This work has been about engaging with people directly involved, and also their family and friends and support services staff. We needed to understand their thoughts and experiences about the opportunities they have,  to make decisions and to pursue activities of their own choosing.

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mental healthCAMHS experience

We work with providers and commissioners to gather young peoples perceptions of mental health services. The aim is to make it easy and quick for service users to participate in giving feedback that would help commissioners to assess performance against objectives.

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Healthy person with glyphs indiacating good practiceHealth and Wellbeing Needs

Health and wellbeing surveys have been an important part of our work from the very first years of our organisation coming into being.

As with most of our work the questionnaires were created with help from specialists who were able to offer insights about a wide range of topics.

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NeedsCYP Emotional and mental health survey

This annual survey is designed  by young people who have directly or indirectly been involves with emotional and mental health issues. Their focus was on availability and accessibility of services. They wanted to find out what other young people felt they needed, to what extent they were able to find suitable services and how well they thought they performed

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