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We can help you in understanding the perceptions of young people, families, and colleagues, using online surveys and assessments

Design, collect data and produce resultsBecause every survey is unique, we help you to consider the options and help you make decisions about everything from the design and questionnaire, through to how you get the results, and what you do with them.

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Making it easy to decide about your survey

you can try standard questionnaires before you buy

we will help you adapt a standard questionnaire

we will help to design your own special questionnaire

we will help to decide how you want your results to be analysed, presented and distributed

Collect data and store it

Making it easy to conduct your survey 

your private control panel

monitor progress as the survey continues

identify which groups have and have not completed

Results shown in a chart

Making it easy to get, use and share your results

 access your results when the survey ends

 guidance on how to get the most from your survey

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Design your own questionnaires or use existing ones. We will support you through the survey process is you use a standard questionnaire or design your own. Will  will enhance questionnaires if you need speech support for younger children or any other groups.


Standard questionnaires

How are you questionnaire (HAYQ):
Pupil Well-being Questionnaire (PWQ):
Pupils, Staff and Parents can say questionnaires (PSPQ):
Staff Health and Well-being Questionnaire (SHWQ)
Comprehensive  Health and Well-being Questionnaire (CHWQ)
Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)


Special questionnaires

We can support you at each stage of a survey using custom questionnaire.

Let us see your initial ideas and tell us about your requirements;

We will provide a detailed quotation for converting them into a professional online questionnaire.

Enhanced surveys

  • Younger children and some other groups can benefit from having questions and answer options spoken.
  • Understanding and engagement can also be increased by the judicious use of images and animation.  


We know how important it is to get results quickly after your survey is finished.

Immediate reports are pre-designed so that they are available as soon as you need them.

Consultant reports provide special analysis.

Immediate reports

Images of graphs and charts

  • Overall summary, which shows demographics and the proportion selecting each option for all the questions.
  • Analysis spreadsheets which present results so that statistically significant differences  can be recognised in sub-groups you are interested in; usually age and sex demographics but also any others such as location, attitudes, behaviour, well-being 
  • History charts, when surveys are repeated, there are history charts
  • Comparison charts when several organisations are working together, spine charts which allow strengths and weaknesses comparison, relative to the range of results for all organisations, without resorting to league tables.

Consultant reports

  • If you need a report written by a consultant we arrange that for you.
  • Consultant reports can examine correlations, associations, and dependencies.
  • They can use statistical procedures to identify clusters and factors.
  • Custom charts, graphs and pictographs can be used to present your data in the best ways for you and everyone else you will want to share it with.
  • Please tell us about your requirements; we will provide a detailed quotation.

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Please get in touch it you would like our help you in understanding the perceptions of young people, families, and colleagues, using online surveys and assessments

To discuss how 'You Can Say' can be used by your service please email or call 01189 781078.

To discuss how you can use our service please email or call 01189 781078.

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical £180 survey?

A typical £180 survey is a bespoke short online questionnaire used to gather information from several hundred people, collected over about  four weeks. The customer has telephone and VOIP support, and can monitor progress throughout, accessing frequency and analysis reports on completion.


What is a survey costing a few thousand  pounds likely to involve?

Surveys which cost a few thousand pounds involve longer and/or more complex online questionnaires. They can involve many different organisations and thousands of responses. The data collection period can be several months. Professional support is provided in survey and questionnaire design. Each participating organisation, as well as the customer, has telephone and VOIP support, and  can monitor progress throughout, accessing frequency and analysis reports on completion. Professionally created reports can be produced. Data can be provided in standard formats for further analysis by the customer.