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Assessments are for when you need to understand something about an individual.

They can be a psychometric test, such as the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)or the Successful Relationships Questionnaire (SRQ) The SDQ is a brief behavioural screening questionnaire about 3-16 year olds. The SRQ is used in leadership development to identify people’s true impacts on others.

Assessments are also used to collect information about an individual prior to a review or multi disciplinary meeting involving professionals and volunteers.

Assessments are useful for collecting a person’s self perceptions, but can be even more useful in 360° mode, where people who know the individual well can provide additional insights. For example, parents’, siblings’, teachers’ and other professionals’ views can all contribute, to build an “all round” view.

Results are available immediately following assessment. Where appropriate each contributor’s are calculated. They are compared in tables and/or in charts, which show how contributors’ viewpoints differ. Differences can of course give insights and may lead to positive resolutions to problems and difficulties.

Invitations to take part in assessment are usually sent in an email with an embedded link to the questionnaire on the secure website. They can also be accessed using one use security codes. The link or secure codes contain no personal information and can only be recognised using the youcansay platform.

You receive notification of completed assessments and warnings about ones that have not been done. Contributors receive automatic reminders.

😊 Our systems have helped customers to increase the number of assessments completed. It is usually many times more than when using manual methods. Assessments are much more likely to be used effectively because youcansay overcomes compiling and scoring difficulties which are inherent with manual methods.

😊 Assessments can be used to gather the views of children subject to their age and understanding, and providing appropriate consent is given.

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