On demand reports and analysis as well as raw data

Reports and analyses designed according to your requirements are immediately available

  • Monitoring information so you can always track progress and achievement.
  • One or more reports are available for immediate analysis of results
  • Create charts and graphs from report tables
  • Download results in formats so that you can perform your own analysis.

Standard reports provide a view of the results and are useful in tracking how the responses may change over time. However once a reasonable amount of data has been collected then the data is available and can be used to assess correlations and relationships and uncover factors and segmentations.

The information we gather can be analysed along with data from other sources as well as with information collected previously.

  • Linking with ID keys
  • Linking using profile information
  • Interrelating data collected with different questionnaires and at different times

We can help you identify why things might be happening, using the information we can gather from the data we can make recommendations where improvements are needed and what is the best thing to address in order for them to be most successful in making those improvements.

You can also access the raw data so that you can carry out the analysis in house.

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