YouCanSay:  a user friendly survey platform to create, manage, report and analyse results, and for identifying opportunities arising from survey projects
YouCanSay is for virtually any online questionnaire.
It is suitable for varied abilities and age groups
YouCanSay provides enhanced questionnaire design capabilities which include spoken and illustrated questions, symbols and videos, to support understanding when appropriate 
YouCanSay is supported throughout.
Survey and design.
Considering potential actions and interventions
YouCanSay helps you to communicate effectively with survey participants, team members, intermediates, third parties and others involved at each stage
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YOUCANSAY is a user-friendly platform that helps you create, manage, and analyse surveys effortlessly. It offers a range of valuable benefits:

  1. Expert Guidance: Get help with planning, survey design, and crafting effective questionnaires.

  2. Personalized Control: Access a control panel to tailor surveys to your specific needs and manage them efficiently.

  3. Instant Progress Reports: Receive real-time updates on your survey's progress and view results immediately.

  4. Advanced Analysis Tools: Utilize tools for generating informative tables and charts from your survey data.

Some key features of YOUCANSAY include:

  1. 360-Degree Assessment: Conduct comprehensive assessments from various perspectives.

  2. Versatile Topics and Settings: Customize surveys for a wide range of topics and settings.

  3. Enhanced Questionnaires: Benefit from improved questionnaire design capabilities.

  4. Expert Support: Receive specialized assistance when needed.

  5. Efficient Communication: Stay connected and communicate effectively with your survey participants.

In summary, YOUCANSAY simplifies the survey process, offering guidance, customization options, and powerful analysis tools, making it accessible to users of all levels.

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