project stages generalised


Every survey or assessment project has its own unique requirements, most involve several stages, including planning questionnaire development. data analysis and reporting and making use of the result.

Out expert help you decide which you need and how to make each of them and the entire project successful.

The main stages are described in these articles

planning icon Planning   Manage your information gathering projects to ensure you achieve your goals. (What What When Who and How AND access)
Three broad areas to think about first: Purpose, gathering information, and the team

asking icon Questionnaire design   Support to develop efficient and effective surveys, assessments and consultations (Topics, Questions, Answers, User age and ability, Conditions, Demographics) and Engagement  Involving people in using an online questionnaire (Communications, Targets, Monitoring progress)

understanding icon Analysis   On demand reports and analysis as well as raw data (Understanding what people have told you)

helping icon Insight and evaluation    Gaining insights and taking action (Communicating desired actions and assessing effectiveness)

The youcansay system includes tools for recording your intentions and together with checklist they help ensure all requirements are considered and decided on.

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