Healthy person with glyphs indiacating good practiceHealth and Wellbeing Needs

Health and wellbeing surveys have been an important part of our work from the very first years of our organisation coming into being.

As with most of our work the questionnaires were created with help from specialists who were able to offer insights about a wide range of topics.

They have been used mainly in a classroom setting in secondary and primary schools..

They were designed to take no more than 20 mins to answer.

Some of the questionnaires have been quite long, covering many topics, which allows analysis of relationships and associations between factors such as gender, age, activity, nutrition and emotional wellbeing, as well as prevalence


Health and wellbeing projects have involved many separate but related organisations, for example schools in a local authority area. Invariably they have been repeated every one or two years. The results have been used to identify trends, discover emergent issues and to inform health and wellbeing plans and reports.

Involvement in health and wellbeing projects has been one of the main experiences to help us understand the needs of people using online surveys. We have been able to develop methods that enable people in each organisation  and representatives of the combined group to have the support and on demand access to the information that they need to plan the project. When to run the survey they can use our systems to communicate with respondents, colleagues and intermediaries about aims and outcomes, and what is expected of them and why. While  data is being collected they are able to monitor progress and decide on and carry out necessary intervention. When it is completed they are very quickly able to view summary and detailed results and access raw data for further analysis. Access to these resources is always related to each individuals area of responsibility. 

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