Pupils' View of Key Stage 2 Experience

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Pupils’ Voice KS2 covers years 3,4,5 & 6. During this period children experience a number of challenges, from the transition to KS2, navigate the complexities of peer relationships and social dynamics, greater expectations as the curriculum intensifies and the pressure of Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) in Year 6.

The emotional well-being of Key Stage 2 children during this period is pivotal to their academic success, social interactions, and overall development. Understanding their feelings allows educators, administrators, and policymakers to identify areas for improvement, address issues such as bullying, improving support systems, and adapt teaching methods for better student engagement.

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SAFE: Feeling Protected and Secure

Safety is paramount in any learning environment. Our survey explores how children feel in different situations and whether they know what to do if they ever feel unsafe. We are dedicated to ensuring that every child feels secure and understands how to ask for help when needed.

INCLUDED: Being Part of a Group

Being included is crucial for fostering a positive school community. We assess how well children engage with others and participate in school activities with friends. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and an integral part of the school community.

NURTURED: Cared For and Respected

To be nurtured is to feel cared for and respected. Our survey delves into whether children feel confident to share their feelings and if adults at school provide the necessary support and care. We also explore the quality of relationships children have with their peers, emphasizing positive connections.


I'M OK, YOU'RE OK: Self-Esteem and Relationships

This section focuses on how children perceive themselves and others in the school setting. We explore self-esteem and their views on friendships. It's essential for everyone to feel good about themselves and recognize the value of others in the school community.

RESILIENCE: Emotional Strength and Coping Skills

Being responsible entails being emotionally strong and capable of coping with challenges. We assess children's ability to control their behavior and emotions, promoting resilience and persistence in the face of difficulties.

ACHIEVING: Feeling Capable and Making Progress

Achievement is about feeling capable, useful, and making progress. Our survey delves into whether children believe in themselves, see improvements, and are empowered to realize their full potential, achieving their goals.

How it works

Effective surveys: Our on-line surveys are easy to implement. Schools can provide a  welcome message setting out their objectives and the reason for the survey and add tailored key questions. Our platform makes it easy to communicate with staff at each stage. We deliver two surveys one earlier in the year to understand areas where more support might be needed, and another towards the end of the year to understand the postive effects the targeted support has provided.

Tailored Reports: We provide detailed reports which examine each factor for the whole of KS2 as well as for each form group. This enables form tutors to effectively target their support strategies, addressing the specific needs and priorities of their class.

Analytics area: Our platform also enables you to interrogate the data yourself, allowing for a thorough exploration of results. This enables you to generate detailed analysis in the form of tables and charts.

Factor-Specific Interventions: The platform suggests interventions and actions which you can use along with your own. This ensures a targeted approach to addressing well-being concerns. Details of any actions carried out can be described and evaluated on the platform.

Next steps

When Key Stage 2 pupils feel heard and valued, they are more likely to be motivated, participate actively in their education, and develop a positive attitude towards learning, setting the foundation for lifelong success.

Our aim is to help you in creating an environment where every child feels supported, valued, and able to thrive academically and emotionally. We make sure Pupil's Voice KS2 is affordable for primary schools.

Contact us today to learn more about how our surveys and reports can help your school gain valuable insights into the experiences of Key Stage 2pupils, creating a more inclusive and supportive educational system.

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