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Surveys are for understanding groups of people such as the pupils in a school, or schools in a local authority.

Surveys are generally anonymous and are aimed at understanding the group and subgoups.

We have built our survey system so each customer and each agency being surveyed can set a personalised welcome message. Guidance notes can be personalised. Contacts who need to be notified about doing the survey, progress and results, can be added.

Demographics can be personalised. For example agencies might want to use local area place names, and schools might need their own names for classes.

To keep up to date with the progress of your survey, monitoring reports are provided in your account panel, and can be automatically emailed to the people who need to see them and take action.
You don't have to wait a long time after it is collected for results. Results are presented as soon as a survey ends, and in the formats that suit you. Excel spreadsheets are available so you can make charts, graphs and tables for presentations, or perform further calculations. Results can be in PDF so when results are distributed, everyone gets the same layout regardless of the equipment they use.

We have designed our systems so that report templates are prepared so that results can be immediately available. The value of results diminish over time and contemporary results feel more valid, and relevant. People find it hard to commit to changes and improvement based on older findings.

😊 Customers are likely to get a larger number of questionnaires completed than when using paper based methods. More of the responses can be used. Youcansay engenders commitment because each agency gets results in the formats they need as soon as the survey is finished. The onerous tasks of compilation, analysis, presentation and distribution are eliminated.

😊 Questionnaires can be used to gather the views of children subject to their age and understanding and providing appropriate consent is given.

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