Bespoke questionnaires, surveys and reporting

Made to measureWe can help you with any survey, from a short questionnaire to be used over a few weeks, or a more complex survey involving multiple organisations, requiring individual reports. 

Costs are from £180 to several thousands. Turn-round can be only a few days for simple surveys.


EnhancedQuestionnaire presentation can be enhanced with images and animations. Questions and answer options can be spoken.

There is a comprehensive range of question types to choose from including single and multiple choice, text, numeric, arrays, and ranking. Files and scanned documents can be uploaded in response to a question.

Questionnaires can be like interviews in that follow-on questions take account of previous answers.


ResultsResults can be presented in tables, charts or as formal reports. 

In progress results are available for stratified sample checking.

Data can be provided for analysis in standard formats for use with analysis packages and spreadsheets.

To discuss how 'You Can Say' can be used by your service please email or call 01189 781078.

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical £180 survey?

A typical £180 survey is a bespoke short online questionnaire used to gather information from several hundred people, collected over about  four weeks. The customer has telephone and VOIP support, and can monitor progress throughout, accessing frequency and analysis reports on completion.


What is a survey costing a few thousand  pounds likely to involve?

Surveys which cost a few thousand pounds involve longer and/or more complex online questionnaires. They can involve many different organisations and thousands of responses. The data collection period can be several months. Professional support is provided in survey and questionnaire design. Each participating organisation, as well as the customer, has telephone and VOIP support, and  can monitor progress throughout, accessing frequency and analysis reports on completion. Professionally created reports can be produced. Data can be provided in standard formats for further analysis by the customer.