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Support to develop efficient and effective surveys, assessments and consultations.

Help to create questionnaires so that it is easy for people to understand and use them.

Help to ensure that the data collected provides you with the information you require and can be analysed reliably.

Reviews of questionnaire and reports to ensure they meet your needs.

Collaboratively build questionnaires

  • From scratch
  • After reviewing existing questionnaires
  • Use standard/established questionnaires
  • Apply Profile questions

Design reports (all questionnaires come with at least one report)

Support throughout the process and in further developments

Use of established and proven questionnaires on numerous topics

Health and wellbeing topics

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • behaviour
  • nutrition
  • safety
  • bullying
  • environment
  • self esteem
  • strengths
  • difficulties
  • education
  • emotional intelligence
  • self perception

Relationships topics

  • resilience
  • anxiety
  • spontaneity
  • control
  • dependency
  • optimistic

Service quality topics

  • responsiveness
  • reliability
  • empathy
  • outcomes
  • effectiveness

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