SDQ for YOTs

Emotional Symptoms

Emotional Symptoms

Complains of headaches, stomachaches, sickness


Feels unhappy

Becomes anxious in new situations

Feels scared




Restless, overactive

Always fidgeting, squirming

Easily distracted

Acts without thinking

Doesn't see tasks through to the end


Conduct Problems

Conduct Problems

Loses temper

Does not do as is told

Fights with other children

Cheats or lies



Peer Problems 

Peer Problems

Solitary, plays alone

Doesn't have friends

Doesn't feel liked by other children

Picked on or bullied by other children

Gets on better with adults than other children


 Pro Social behaviour

Pro Social behaviour

Considerate of other people's feelings

Shares with others

Helps if someone gets hurt

Kind to younger children

Volunteers to help


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