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Consultation gathers information about an event.

The event could be a training course, a team meeting, a team building exercise, a governors meeting, a multi disciplinary meeting, a YJS Panel meeting, or anything else of that kind.

The idea is that by collecting views of those involved you can discover what went well and what might need to be changed in order for the events to run as well as they possibly can.

Results for an event are available as soon as there has been a response but would be complete when all contributors have responded.

Reports can cover an individual response, an event or a series of events. The collective data can be analysed by event, event type, contributor, contributor type and over time.

Understanding differences between types of respondent can give insights that may lead to positive changes to provide good service in a differentiated way.

Events can be setup with a description, time, date and location, and contributors can be assigned to it. They will be invited to attend, reminded about it, and invited to complete consultations in regard to the event.

Email invitations to attend an event are triggered by the administrator. Participants can accept or decline from the email.

After the event invitations to contribute to a consultation are usually sent in an email with an embedded link to the questionnaire, which is on the secure website. Questionnaires  also be done using single use security codes. The link or secure codes contain no personal information and can only be recognised using the youcansay platform.

Administrators receive notification of completed consultations and warnings about ones that have not been done. Contributors receive automatic reminders.

The proportion of consultations completed is usually many times greater than when using manual methods.

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