Examples: Identified assessments

SRQ – a 360º emotional intelligence assessment tool, which helps people understand how their emotions affect their ability to succeed in their connections and relationships. It is relevant to many workplace activities, including recruitment and staff development. A  questionnaire is completed by the subject and several others, who are colleagues, family and friends, complete a related questionnaire. From the results several detailed and explanatory reports are produced, along with some tables and charts. The reports and outcomes are then discussed between the participant and an accredited consultant. The consultant uses out online service to invite/remind participants and 360º raters, and to access reports.

SDQ – an initial assessment of children and young people. A short questionnaire is used for self assessment and also by teachers, professionals, parents and carers. The questionnaire can be completed an alternative ways: via email invitation, on a website, on paper. Summary and comparative reports can be produced. Both contemporary and longitudinal variation can be analysed.

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